Built for Scale and Security

Shiji Enterprise Platform was built for hotel groups and chains with a global presence, fast to scale and deploy, easy to maintain and equipped with enterprise level security.
Shiji Enterprise Platform - Single Guest Profile

Single Guest Profiles

Offer your guests enhanced personalization before, during, and after their hotel stay, through membership and loyalty rewards management, newsletters and more. More importantly, deliver a unified and personalized guest experience across all your hotels no matter where they are. Intelligently remove profile duplicates from multiple databases and merge guest profiles from all your systems into a single profile, accessible from the hotel, spa, restaurants and all other points of guest engagement and service.

With enterprise level security, your guest data is stored and secured in a personal information vault in a geography of your choice. You own and control that data and who can access it.

Intelligent Merging

Suggested profiles merge directly from the search bar based on an ever-changing algorithm finding match probability. Rapidly remove duplicate profiles as you find them, keeping guest profiles clean and up-to-date.

Universal search

Search for names with first name, last name or nickname. Find reservations by account number, channel or email address. Optimize staff and guest experiences with a fast and efficient universal search.

Global Guest Profiles

Manage global guest profiles from the
head-office or hotel level, ensuring guest preferences and requirements are available to all guest touchpoints, regardless of location or system.

Designed for Integrations

With an 'API-everything' and micro-service architecture, Shiji Enterprise Platform is designed to connect with any new system, application or hardware. Each microservice interacts with other microservices within the platform using documented APIs – so any new integration you need to add to your technology stack can be connected through one of the APIs.

Integrate to payment platforms, contactless check-in, QR payments in your F&B outlets or the perfect housekeeping solution for your hotel group. Accessing cashiering APIs or reservation APIs is equally open. Build the technology stack you need, not the one that your provider requires.

Shiji Enterprise Platform - Designed for integrations

1,200+ API Endpoints

Access every microservice to create your own applications, integrate with local hardware or software and monitor it centrally, per region, group or hotel.

API-First Design

Documented and properly formatted APIs open the possibilities to embed technology into the guest journey at every level, without unpleasant cost surprises.

Enterprise-grade security

Open up access to your platform so you can build out the most advanced technology stack means that security must be of the highest grade. Enterprise-grade.

Shiji Enterprise Platform - 24/7 Global SecOps

24/7 Global SecOps

Enterprise grade security means ensuring your systems are secure and your data stays private. Shiji Enterprise Platform was built with full data protection compliance for ISO27001, GDPR, CSL and more. All personally identifiable data is stored in your own guest privacy vault, accessible according to your instructions. Even Shiji support teams do not have access to your guest data. We ensure your hotels are compliant to the strongest privacy regulations. Shiji Enterprise Platform is frequently audited by third parties to ensure security and privacy is maintained at all times.

Additionally, our SecOps teams are constantly monitoring your installations for attacks, taking pre-emptive actions to foil security hacks and informing you as soon as something seems suspicious. Keep your data safe and your guests' privacy intact.

Secops on call

Monitoring patterns to recognize attempted attacks, alerting and stopping them before the bad guys get access is already part of the service agreement. Limit risks and increase up-time.

Guest privacy vaults

Store your guest data in secure vaults, managed and monitored permanently by SecOps with alerts on anything that needs to be shared so you and your guests feel safe and secure.

regional and global cache

Your system is kept up through multiple layers of business continuity, including back-up-regions. Processing takes place close to your hotels and head-office, minimizing latency and maximizing speed.

Event-Driven Architecture

Designed for the modern era where speed is of the essence. Reduce wait times for guests and staff that only cost your hotel more money. Shiji Enterprise Platform was designed on event-driven architecture, triggering tasks just as they're needed in synchronous and asynchronous modes, dramatically speeding up performance, reducing server load and keeping staff focused on their work, not their computer.

Shiji Enterprise Platform - Event-Driven Architecture

faster workflows

Assign rooms and attendants or ensure breakfast was properly billed through triggered updates. Rather than waiting for the system to update, events update as they happen, speeding up work and revenue.

optimized operations

Run only the computing tasks that hotels need, when they need it. Reduce waiting time for reports, update teams or refresh data across channels. From closeout to check-out, speed things up for guests and staff.

smarter personalization

Set-up events to trigger communications to guests before they arrive or adjust their room preferences at the right time. Event-driven architecture unlocks the full potential of personalization.

Shiji Enterprise Platform - Built for Enterprise

Built for Enterprise

Adding hotels to the group or deploying international, regional and local fiscal regulations are just some of the requirements for today's enterprise hotel companies. In addition to global security and adapting to the fast-paced technology advancements, Shiji Enterprise Platform is built to manage hotels across multiple regions. Add a hotel based on a regional configuration from the head-office in minutes and manage it remotely.

You no longer need to send someone on-site to set-up the system or spend days configuring a blank installation. Scale fast, save costs and increase performance and security through maintaining group standards across your entire estate.

Infinitely scalable

From a small group to a global chain, manage your estate with ease. Even when adding more hotels, outlets and services, the system works just as fast. Every set-up can be inherited to every property.

Maintain Standards

Build your model, for a locale, region or brand and deploy. Create brand standards and ensure they are followed. Keeping all your properties on proper standards, no matter who configured the hotel.


Onboard new staff with built-in assistance with contextual help available at their fingertips all the time. Bringing new members to the team is simple. The best technology is easy for staff to use with maximum impact.

Modernize Your Technology Stack for Today's Digital Landscape.

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