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API-First Excellence: Scalable, Resilient, and Agile with Advanced Cloud Security.
modern. scalable. Secure.

Innovating for Tomorrow: A PMS that is Pioneering the Future of Technology

Today, most hotel property management systems are based on old technology. Expensive to set-up, hard to maintain and difficult to use.

It is time hotel companies got a viable option geared towards tomorrow’s needs.

Fast intuitive guest search

The PMS That Puts the Guest First

Hyper-personalize your guest experience with single, global guest profiles across your entire hotel portfolio through advanced and ever-learning match-and-merge. Secure guest profiles for global hotel companies, improving guest satisfaction.
Shiji Enterprise Platform - Guest Profile
Shiji Enterprise Platform
Shiji Enterprise Platform
Shiji Enterprise Platform
Shiji Enterprise Platform
Shiji Enterprise Platform
Shiji Enterprise Platform
Shiji Enterprise Platform
Shiji Enterprise Platform
Shiji Enterprise Platform - Technology that Puts the Guest First
Designed for INTEGRATIONS 

API-First Infrastructure

With over 1,200 API endpoints, true 'API-everything' approach makes data easily accessible and readily available for integrations, custom applications and tailoring your system to your needs.
Shiji Enterprise Platform - Integrations
Multi-property management

Build Once, Deploy in Minutes, Scale Endlessly

Because our PMS, the Shiji Enterprise Platform, was built with global hotel companies in mind, you only need to configure your portfolio once from the global, regional or brand perspective. Central configuration updates are automatically implemented across your network, adhering to your defined standards. This means, adding a new hotel is just a couple of clicks.
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Shiji Enterprise Platform - Multi Property Management

Build your hotel structure once.

Inherit the configuration for the brand & region.  

Deploy the configuration to your new hotels.

Built for Performance

Event-Driven Architecture

Our Event-Driven Architecture (EDA) makes your technology stack more scalable, more resilient and more agile. Our PMS runs dozens of microservices simultaneously and independently, dramatically improving the speed, efficiency and scalability of the system.
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Shiji Enterprise Platform - Event-Driven Architecture
Security and Privacy

Guest Privacy and Company Security 24/7

Engineered with strict privacy and security standards, we ensure the safety of your data and the privacy of your guests' information. Available globally yet regionally confined, your data's accessibility is under your control. Our global SecOps team vigilantly maintains this integrity around the clock.
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Shiji Enterprise Platform - Guest Privacy and Company Security

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