Built for Enterprise Hospitality

Hotel chains, groups and other multi-national or regional hospitality companies have varying requirements. Shiji Enterprise Platform was built for those requirements.


Shiji Enterprise Platform - Event-Driven Architecture

Why Enterprise-First?

Global and multinational hotel companies require technology solutions that can deal with the complexity of hospitality around the world. Today, most solutions are designed bottom-up, meaning they're designed to deal with a single property and then scale up to cope with group and chain requirements. To manage groups and cross border hotels, additional systems need to be added.

We designed Shiji Enterprise Platform for hospitality to be enterprise-first, because unlike other industries, in hospitality, it is better to scale down than the try to scale up.

Shiji Enterprise Platform - Why Enterprise-First?
Shiji Enterprise Platform

How is this a Platform?

In the hotel industry, the central system has traditionally been considered the property management system (PMS). While the intention was good, in reality, most PMS solutions are focused on inventory control, invoicing, and check-in and check-out management. For a truly central system, additional technology systems need to be added-on, and in most cases, require "fixes" that need expensive integrations, support contracts and, often, large payments from all parties.

So, we designed a platform. Technology is ever-evolving and we know hotels need different systems attached. Although we offer reputation management, spa management, payment solutions, and distribution solutions, our customers are free to bring their own solutions to the table and integrate them with ours. They're even free to provide their own user interface. Shiji Enterprise Platform is a platform because all your technology requirements can connect at hotel, regional, national or global levels.


Manage your reputation plug-in with the world leading hotel reputation system, giving you unique insights into guest experiences in your hotels.


Connect our spa, golf or leisure activities management system directly to your hotels' platform, delivering uniform guest quality across properties.


Engage with your guests before they arrive, during their stay or after a service. Our world-class, self-learning bot puts you in direct contact with your guests.


Direct distribution of your inventory, rates, availabilities, images, videos and attributes to our distribution platforms for maximum accuracy and speed.


Improve guest experiences with the latest technology in payments, letting guests check-out and pay with a QR code, mobile payment solutions and more.


Enterprise-ready POS software and hardware connected to the kitchen, guest profiles, payments and reputation management already built-in.

For Hotel Groups &

Shiji Enterprise Platform is designed for enterprise hospitality companies, meaning it is created to deal with managing multiple properties. The set-up of multiple properties becomes an easy task rather than a one-by-one configuration and set-up, where you can build your model hotel for a chain or region and then inherit the properties across all applicable properties. More than just an easy set-up, this is about daily management, getting data together at head-office level, owner groups, and more. For the first time ever, we have a hospitality platform built in the 21st century, designed to cater for hotel needs in the modern age.

Shiji Enterprise Platform - For Hotel Groups and Chains
Shiji Enterprise Platform - For Independent Hotels

For Independent

Unlike most enterprise-level technologies, Shiji Enterprise Platform was designed to work for independent hotels as well. Easy integrations, highly practical user interfaces and almost infinite customization possibilities, Shiji Enterprise Platform is the ideal solution for the most innovative independent hotels. After creating a hotel to take care of your guests at a whole new level, adopt a hotel property management platform that can take care of the technology in the same way.

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